How to Write a Resumé

How to Write a Resumé


Writing a resumé can be challenging — appearance counts, as does brevity.  Often, seeing a resumé sample can be the best teacher of all, so let’s start there.

Sample Student Resumé #1

  • This resumé details the education and experience of a student with some employment history.

Sample Student Resumé #2

  • This student has had limited experience but his resumé underscores his academic achievement. \

The Big Rules

  • One page. Period.
  • Typos will ensure you never get a callback.  PROOFREAD.
  •  Use action verbs in your job descriptions.  Some very resumé-friendly action verbs include the following:
  • Implemented
  • Applied
  • Developed
  • Assisted
  • Headed
  • Your name should be prominent.  If your contact information (e.g., your email address) is not business-appropriate, get another email address that you can present professionally.  “” is professional; “” is not.
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