Mind Maps

Mind Maps

Mind maps are cool — they’re a way of outlining, taking notes, or simply organizing information into a very manageable flow chart or bubble map format.  This free software — which obviously you’re not required to download, although I think it’s really quite cool — is easy to install and use.

How do you use  mind maps?

Well, I’ve shown you one way here — Mindmap Essay Outline.  What I like about it is that the bubbles in which ideas are contained are hierarchical — you can create “parent” and “child” bubbles to show one idea subordinate to another, or “sibling” bubbles to demonstrate ideas of equal importance.  When you’re writing an essay, sometimes that’s not so obvious.  This program helps you make that choice.

Other uses could certainly include taking notes on a text or revising notes you took in class.  The bubbles help you see how one idea leads to another idea (in the case of a parent –> child relationship) or is equal to another idea (in the case of a sibling –> sibling relationship).

Regardless of how you choose to outline, outlining is crucial (and required), so it’s awesome that you can use this software to help you do that.

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